Changes at Riding Iceland

29.10 2015

Riding Iceland is now entering it’s 6th year of operations and has established itself as the leading provider of horse riding tours in Iceland. We are currently operating from 5 different locations offering multi-day horse riding tours covering the whole of Iceland along with shorter day tours and other activities.

During our time of operation we have been extremely well received as is clearly shown in how many of our customers choose to return to ride with us year after year. On a typical tour it is not uncommon that over half of the guests are there for their second or third tour. This has confronted us with the very welcomed challenge of designing new riding tours every year in order to provide pristine experience for our customers. We are responding to the challenge this year for example with a new tour exploring the Reykjanes peninsula, the grand 24 day tour around Vatnajökull glacier and the many tours we offer around sheep and horse gathering in Skagafjörður (see: Tours 2016)

Our tours do provide a unique learning opportunities for enthusiastic riders. You will get a chance to ride many different horses, even some that have been in the finals at a national competitions, and each horse you ride will always teach you something new. Driving a herd of horses through the mountains of Iceland will also provide you with horsemanship experiences that the oval track or the riding hall will never show you. However, combining this with the teaching of our best riding instructors would create a unique platform for our customers to advance their level of horsemanship. Siggi Björnsson, who founded the company in 2010, has now decided to focus on building programs based on these ideas and will now take a leave from producing riding tours. Bjarni Páll and Elsa at Saltvík farm, which have been operating our tours in the north east of Iceland will take over the operation of Siggi’s tours in the south.

These organizational changes are intended to strengthen Riding Iceland’s position as the leading provider for people seeking true horse riding adventures in Iceland.

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