Riding Horseback Across North Iceland is Magic

01.01 2015

Four-wheel drive super-Jeeps are exciting, but for a pure experience of true Iceland magic you must discover the places inaccessible by mechanized travel. Hiking and backpacking allow you to travel unbeaten paths, and both slow the pace for an intimate experience of a land where fire and ice mingle, but on the back of a horse you can experience the same intimacy as a journey by foot, and with even more excitement than if you travelled on four wheels.

What’s more, the Icelandic horse is part of the magic that makes Iceland one of the most mesmerizing adventures on earth.

One great expedition lies along a diamond shaped path in northeast Iceland, near Húsavík, a small fishing village of 2,200 people, considered among the first of the settlements in Iceland. Cradled upon the banks of Skajfandi bay, Húsavík is a perfect place to see whales.

South of Húsavík, Iceland becomes a world of many colors and varied landscapes. Riding through Geldingadalur valley, and traversing the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to cross from one continent to another, the volcanic and geothermal power that gave birth to Iceland rises and falls on both sides of the trail. Deep fissures plunge into the earth, colorful mountains rim the horizon, and as if teaching the Minke and Blue whales how to breathe, the Earth spouts columns of steam from her many vents and solfataras that dot her surface.

Sleeping, volcanic giants rim the horizon in all directions, and you begin to wonder whether a troll or a troupe of elves will spring out from behind a pillar of basalt, or whether you’ll discover a monster of the water upon your arrival to lake Myvatn. Upon the barren lava fields, you’ll imagine you have left earth and are walking on the moon.

During your journey, one thing comes to mind: the land of the Diamond Circle really never sleeps. The giants on the horizon are only waiting to burst forth with spews and flows of fiery red lava. The Earth quakes and splits herself in two at the cracks of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The weather changes minute-by-minute, and snow and ice come and go as they please, waiting for a chance to dance with the fire that lies just below the tundra.

Riding Iceland offers several tours which allow you to experience the stunning world of north Iceland. Starting from Saltvik farm near Húsavík, you can experience the ever-changing panorama of the Diamond Circle, or you can amble the northern coastline and then participate in a horse roundup.

Riding-Iceland is Iceland's premiere Horse trekking tour company, offering a great selection of multi-day horseback riding tours in Iceland's amazing highlands!  Cheers.

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