Laufskálarétt round-up


Elvar and Fjóla are the best hosts you can wish for ! Elvar took us on special rides into the mountains and we also wnt to join for the round ups with Fjóla.  It was an experience for life ! I went with my sister and we both had been given the horses that suited us.  While riding, we learned a lot from Elvar too !  After the rides Fjóla made us a fantastic meal, every night.  They were really kind to us and made sure we had a good stay.  The house where we slept was brand new and the beds are so comfortable that the only reason you want to get up is because you know you are going back in the saddle that day smile 

Thank you so much Elvar and Fjóla !

Greetings Mirjam from Holland

Sheep round up - Staðarfjöll

Isabel Vandaele

The sheep round-up was a unique and unforgettable experience for me: 5 days away from my every day life.  Spending time close to nature, close to the unique Icelandic horse.  I got the opportunity to really experience life in Iceland on the country side.  This was made possible through Elvar and Fjóla, and I appreciated in particular the authentic way in which they integrated their guests into their everyday activities at the farm, supported by their family and friends.

The food in Iceland is great and in particular the cuisine of Fjóla is already worth a stop-over grin The guest house at the farm is new and well equipped.  Everything was smoothly organised. 

The sheep round-up has truely exceeded my expectations and I dare to say that I enjoyed one of my best holidays ever.

Merkigil Canyon

Jenny Andhill

This was a "pinch me in the arm" experience all the time ! Riding with the herd and to be able to try out so many different horses.  Here you get the combination of everything: very good horse quality, personally arranged by this lovely family and on top of that stunning nature.  I will come back !

Kjölur - the Mystic Trail

Daniel Eberle

The Kjölur - the Mystic Trail Riding Tour (7 riding days southbound on the old Kjölur-route through the Higlands in Iceland) was one of the best vacations we have ever had. It was brilliantly organized by the superb Riding-Iceland-Team, impressive landscapes, extremely delicious food (drinks incl.!!!) and a herd of horses with a matching character for every rider.


We, Daniel (33), Johanna (29), and Verena (30) wanted a little more “action” for our visit to Iceland than we would have gotten if we only had rented a jeep to take a round-trip of the island. For that reason, over the duration of 6 months, we underwent an intensive training of our riding skills and stamina. This was recommended for all similar riding tours in Iceland and we were grateful for the additional classes. We would have even more benefitted from extended riding experience in the open country.

The Special Expedition

Kerstin König

It was an amazing experience - Feel the real and unique nature of iceland, work together with great horses, have fun and feel welcome and comfortable with guides, staff and guests.

Into the wild

Alix and Claire Belo, France

These trips into the wilderness are a real adventure and leave you with beautiful memories. Denni has a great knowlegde of the country and is a good story teller.

The Highland Circle

Daniela Spadola

Thank you very much for this unforgettable riding tour in a fantastic, magical landscape. Staff that made me feel welcome and the best horses I have ever ridden. I'll be back.

Into The Wild

Mr and Mrs B. Laker, England

We chose to ride with Denni as our first riding trip to Iceland..we have since ridden elsewhere and must say that the horses, company and countryside with Denni are way above what others are offering.  You are guaranteed  to experience the “real” Iceland on a trip with these guys.  We will be back soon! 5*****  

The Highland Circle

Sylvia Knaup, Germany

Riding with Denni means adventure meeting Iceland's beauty on calm, strong horses to places, where neither car nor bicycle will ever arrive. It means proper meals, cheerful evenings and patient support whenever needed. In brief: Everything you expect from a successful riding tour!

The Special Expedition

Christine Bruttel, Germany

Riding in Iceland all over the country since 1997, we participated in the Special in 2012 with Denni and Arna.

We enjoyed the tour as the best we ever did: great and very well managed horses, big enough herd, wonderful landscape, great cooking, well organised, impressive horsemanship. We have not been "only" guests, we have had the feeling of being friends to our guides, which really had a lot of fun with us and spent a nice time with a really nice group all day and also with a lot of funny evenings. We are looking forward to come back in 2014.

Being one..

Michelle Joosen

Being one with nature, horses and fellow-riders, there is no better way to make you feel truly alive!

Christina .. from Canada

"It was such a fabulous trek with Hreinn this year."

Ride with Saltvík Team

Thank you so much for an amazing experience! i expected great things, but you guys and the horses, company, food, everything completely blew me away! FANTASTIC:) - KELLY from California

Thank you Bjarni, Elsa and the whole crew and family for forfilling my dream ..Icelandic nature, beautiful horses and great time! - Linda thank you for the best riding tour ever and we have never been so happy - Sami og Heidi

Many thanks for beautiful and powerfull horse...i'm gonna miss them - Tina

The best and most luxurious riding week in my life - hot pools, good food, wonderful landscape and very nice staff... - Thula

thanks for a fantastic five days and for a wonderful first experience of Icelandic horses - paul and gloria

There's only one thing left to say, THANK YOU - Sara L

Thank you the team for looking after us and thanks Elsa for the nice food. I will sure be back..- Anna 


Riding in the north

Spectacular landscape, brave wonderful horse, friendly comfiest was a great experience 1001 thanks - Ute Germany

Keep doing what you do because you dot it very good...we will not say good bye but see you - Helle DK

Saltvík team !

Since 2009 I have been doing 4 fantastic long riding Tours with the great Saltvik Team.
We have been riding in the beautiful nature in the North of Iceland
We have seen breathtaking mountains and valleys,uniqe lava fields, crossed many many different rivers and creaks,and have had so many different fantastic experiences, that it is impossible to name them all.
Everything is so well organized.
Bjarni always finds the perfect horse for any rider for every stage, so you are always feeling so comfortable and safe on your horse.
Elsa and the staff provide you with fantastic food and everything else you want.
The herd of approx. 100 wonderful and clever horses follow you all the way.
On all Tours you meet a lot of different riding friends from all over the world, who are coming back again and again.
If you have been riding with the Saltvik Team once, you always want to come back for another tour.
The best riding team in the world.!
Anne Marie Jørgensen

Sagas on Horseback

Dr. Emily Lethbridge

Over 1000 years ago, when Iceland was a newly-settled country, travel around the country was conducted by boat, horse, or Shanks‘s pony – that is, on foot... The medieval Icelandic sagas, which were written down on parchment in the 13th century and portray the lives of the early settlers in the late 9th, 10th and 11th centuries, include descriptions of countless journeys around local areas and longer ones too, from one end of the island to the other. 

Sleeping Dragons

Sam Koltun

There is a saying in Iceland about the weather........."if you wait ten minutes, it will change".  That adage would well apply to riding SLEEPING DRAGONS.  It was chapter two of my journey that began the prior year riding GRAND CANYON with Riding Iceland and Siggi.

Grand canyons


It is hard to find the words to describe the most amazing week of my life. Not knowing exactly what to expect, we drove with nervous anticipation from the airport to the farmhouse in Kjóastaðir where we started the tour, everyone trying to imagine the adventure that lay in front of us. We were greeted by Siggi and the rest of the Riding Iceland Team and by the time we finished our welcome dinner that night everyone was bonded, donning new Icelandic sweaters and so excited to go. 

An experience report

Stefanie Luther

I have been frequently asked why I spend as much time as possible on horseback in the Icelandic mountains. Admittedly, I had to give it some thorough thinking before I could come up with a suitable answer that would explain my urge to deliver myself up to unpredictable weather conditions, physical hardship, basic accommodation etc. during my well deserved and dearly needed summer holidays. The answer that I finally came upon is closely connected to who I am and what I do in my everyday private and work life. It has got to do with beauty, a rather double-edged entity and one of my favorite topics to contemplate.