Ride with Saltvík Team

Thank you so much for an amazing experience! i expected great things, but you guys and the horses, company, food, everything completely blew me away! FANTASTIC:) - KELLY from California

Thank you Bjarni, Elsa and the whole crew and family for forfilling my dream ..Icelandic nature, beautiful horses and great time! - Linda thank you for the best riding tour ever and we have never been so happy - Sami og Heidi

Many thanks for beautiful and powerfull horse...i'm gonna miss them - Tina

The best and most luxurious riding week in my life - hot pools, good food, wonderful landscape and very nice staff... - Thula

thanks for a fantastic five days and for a wonderful first experience of Icelandic horses - paul and gloria

There's only one thing left to say, THANK YOU - Sara L

Thank you the team for looking after us and thanks Elsa for the nice food. I will sure be back..- Anna