Saltvík team !

Since 2009 I have been doing 4 fantastic long riding Tours with the great Saltvik Team.
We have been riding in the beautiful nature in the North of Iceland
We have seen breathtaking mountains and valleys,uniqe lava fields, crossed many many different rivers and creaks,and have had so many different fantastic experiences, that it is impossible to name them all.
Everything is so well organized.
Bjarni always finds the perfect horse for any rider for every stage, so you are always feeling so comfortable and safe on your horse.
Elsa and the staff provide you with fantastic food and everything else you want.
The herd of approx. 100 wonderful and clever horses follow you all the way.
On all Tours you meet a lot of different riding friends from all over the world, who are coming back again and again.
If you have been riding with the Saltvik Team once, you always want to come back for another tour.
The best riding team in the world.!
Anne Marie Jørgensen