The Owner's

All Riding Iceland tours are planned and guided by the tour operators themselves and their families.

Saltvík Family

Bjarni and Elsa with theyr family at Saltvík farm have been operating riding tours  in the north of Iceland for  over 20 years. From the base at Saltvík the family is operating tours in the amazing northeast region of Iceland which contains many pearls of Icelandic nature and great riding trails to all directions. Saltvík team also operates wilderness tours across the highlands with  the  challenging  trail "Sprengisandur " as a prime option for riders seeking true highland experience! 

Elvar and Fjóla

Elvar and Fjóla at Syðra-Skörðugil, Skagafjörður in the north of Iceland, are the new members of Riding-Iceland team.  From the year 1940 Elvar´s family have been breeding horses so the farm has a long history of breeding and training horses.  Their farming is based on rearing Icelandic horses and sheeps so when you come and visit you get to know a little about the farming at their home as well as getting to know the people and the Icelandic horse.  Every summer in about 15 years Elvar and Fjóla have been travelling on horses with groups of riders, both friends and customers, on riding tours in Skagafjörður.  Skagafjörður is famous for the beautiful landscape and the hospitality of the locals.