horseroundups with team Saltvík

Enjoy the autumn colours and the thrill of experiencing wild horses coming home from the mountains !


About Horse Roundups with team Saltvík !

Enjoy the amazing autumn colours and adventure of joining Icelandic farmers gathering their wild horses from the mountains!

In September and October, Iceland changes costume from the green summerdress over to the multitcolour outfit of autumn! It´s an amazing season to travel around on horseback watching nature slow down for the upcoming arctic winter. This is also the time when farmers gather their sheep and horses down from the wilderness where they have spent the summer running around free in the mountains. This 5 day tour is a combination of a 4-day riding tour where we enjoy the autumn colours and ever changing landscape of the north, and a visit to the different horseroundups according to each date of our three available options Skrapatungurétt, Laufskálarétt and Þverárrétt where we join the farmers gathering young  horses from the mountains ! 

Reykjavik - Saltvík - Saltvík (20 km)

Meeting point in the morning at Eagle air airport in Reykjavík for the domestic flight to Húsavík.

The flight takes about 45 minutes and the airport in Húsavík is located only 5 min. away from Saltvík farm. We pick our guests up at the airport and drive to The farm where the tour starts. After a short introduction meeting with horses and guides in Saltvík, we saddle up and ride along the coastline of the arctic sea north of Iceland, amazing view out to the horizon where the arctic circle lies across the Island, Grímsey, 30 miles north of Iceland. We come back home to the farm in the afternoon where hot pools are waiting for us to relax in after the first riding day!

Saltvík - Sandur (20 km).

We ride nice and easy riding trails along the coastline towards Sandur farm located at the riverbanks of Skjálfandafljót river. We cross sandy lavafields and green riverbanks on our way and enjoy rich birdlife and scenery towards the bay of Skjálfandi north of Iceland. We leave the horses at Sandur farm and head back to Saltvík for the night where hot tubs are waiting again. 

Sandur – Aðalból (30 km)

We ride up to the hillsides of Hvammsheiði following historical trails used by farmers and travellers through the centuries. Great soft trails for endless tölting! We cross the river Laxá at a passing where the river runs through the lavafields of Aðaldalshraun. We ride along Vatnshlíð near the beautiful lake Vestmannsvatn and enjoy again totally amazing view and scenary over the valley of Aðaldalur. We end the ride at the farm Aðalból where we leave the horses and drive back to Saltvík farm for the night. In the afternoon we visit the newly established "Geosea" geothermal bathing lagoon for relaxing in the hot seawater.   

Aðalból - Saltvík (30 km)

We ride in to the birchforest in Vatnshlíð and enjoy the great view. We ride up along Laxá river with the canyons of Laxá aside and then enjoy riding excellent trails along the river Mýrarhvísl all the way back home to Saltvík farm. In the afternoon we leave Saltvík farm and head with our minibus towards the area where the roundups take place. We settle in at our guesthouse and enjoy the evening together sharing stories from the last day´s riding adventures! 

Meeting the locals -Roundup day

In the morning we saddle up and ride with the locals towards the roundups. We watch when the herd of 500 young horses come running down from the mountains and enjoy the atmosphere at the roundups where Icelanders come together, sing and enjoy life as well as separating their horses so each farmer can drive his own herd home to his farm in the afternoon.

Back to Reykjavík

After breakfast we drive with our minibus to Reykjavík. We arrive at BSI busstation in Reykjavík at around 13-14.00 in the afternoon.

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    Duration 6 days
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    Departure dates Sep 21 2021 Sep 28 2021
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    1920  EUR

    2280 USD

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    Tour operator Saltvík Family {texti}
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