Dream Tour Part VI



About Homecoming - Dream tour Part VI

We start our final journey of the Dream tour from the west side of Skagafjörður and ride in to Austurdalur , wich is a hidden gem in Icelandic nature,We ride up to higher grounds over Nýjabæjarfjall to find our  path back down to Eyjafjörður. We spend a day riding along the River Eyjafjarðará on excellent riding paths and then we cross over to more familiar grounds for all those that have been riding with the Saltvík family before when we come to Goðafoss waterfall and then ride our well known paths across Laxá river and Hvammsheiði home to Saltvík !

On this part of the Dream tour we experience the highland expression of Austudalur and Nýjarbæjarfjall, the country side nice soft trails of Eyjafjörður and then our great trails home to Saltvík known by all our riding friends as some of the best trails on our tours in general , Great scenary with the view from the highlands, nature wonders like Austurdalur and Goðafoss and the happy energy of Saltvík horses and guides coming home  after almost 2 months away on the most challenging journey ever made. !

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    Duration 7 days
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    Departure dates Sep 04 2021
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    2290 euros

    2490 USD

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    Tour operator Saltvík Family {texti}
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