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The horses from Syðra-Skörðugil are partly raised up in the mountains of Staðarfjöll.  Every year in july a part of our herd, mostly young horses and mares with foals, are pushed up to the mountains Staðarfjöll.  There they run around in the summer between the hills and the valleys having fun for three months.  Before the Icelandic winter arrives we need to ride up and get them home.  To do so we need a group of farmers and strong horses to chase the wild herd down to the coral of Staðarrétt.  When there the farmers come together and help each other to find their horses.  This is a great experience for everybody that love the Icelandic horse.


Early pick up in Reykjavík.  We head up north to our farm at Syðra-Skörðugil in Skagafjörður.  The drive is about 4 hours with stops.  When in Skörðugil we get settled in our lovely guesthouse Ömmubær.  When everybody is unpacked we take a walk to the stable and saddle up for a short ride around the farm.  After riding we enjoy dinner and a relaxing evening where we get to know each other a bit better.

Distance: 10 km

Two horses

After breakfast we get ready for another perfect day of riding.  We walk to the stable and saddle up two horses each.  We are practising to ride with a hand horse and ride on bumpy roads.  In the evening we enjoy a good dinner and a relaxing time in the hot tub at Ömmubær.

Distance: 20 km

Bumpy roads!

Today there will be more riding with a hand horse on bumpy roads ! It is important that you are well prepared for the big ride on saturday.  We will ride up to Reykjaskarð to get to know the track we need to ride the next day in the dark.  We will use the rest of the day to get prepared for the big ride the next day.  Dinner and the hot tub at Ömmubær in the evening.  It is important to go early to bed tonight since there will be a early rise the next day.

Distance: 15 KM

Early rise

Rise and shine 3 AM today ! We come together in the kitchen for a good breakfast.  After that we need to get ready for the day.  It depends on the weather if you have to bring your rain coat or not.  In september the weather in Iceland can be all kinds !! So it is important to bring warm clothes.

When in the stable everybody find their two horses they have been assigned the day before.  At 5 AM it is time to ride into the darkness towards the mountains of Staðarfjöll.  This experience is amazing... how does the horse find it´s way through the darkness and on these bumpy roads ?  We ride up Reykjaskarð and into the mountains.  The mission of the day is to find all the horses running wild in the mountains Staðarfjöll.  This task can be hard if the horses are extra wild and do not want to go home !  At the end of the trail we collect together what we have found and come together to push them down the mountain to the coral of Staðarrétt.  The horses run fast so it´s important to have your eyes on the target and not let them go by !! The trails and the landscape you ride up there is amazing and to witness the wonders of the Icelandic horse when he´s working, so powerful and wise.  Usually the wild herd runs down the trails when they hear us coming so sometimes we do not see them until we´re back in the coral.

When in Staðarrétt we rest our horses.  Some hot coffee and chocolate will be served.  Something to warm us up before we start searching for the horses from Syðra-Skörðugil in the coral.  The herd we had found during the day is pushed into the coral of Staðarrétt.  All the farmers start looking and searching for their horses.  We usually drive about 40 - 50 young horses and breeding mares to the mountains every summer so there should be some horses to get back home.  When all the horses have found their owners we saddle up our riding horses again and ride home to Skörðugil with the wild herd.  After a long day it will be perfect to rest a while in the hot tub when we are at the farm. 

In the evening we will end this day with the perfect dinner where you will get to taste the farm´s special !!

Distance: About 50 KM

Back to Reykjavík

After a good night sleep in Ömmubær we meet up for the last time in our lovely kitchen and have a good breakfast.  After packing and saying goodbye to the farm and the horses we drive back to Reykjavík.

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    Duration 5 days
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    Departure dates Sep 15 2021
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    1.850 EUR

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    Tour operator Elvar and Fjóla {texti}
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