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Riding lessons and excursions - The perfect combination

This winter we will only offer this one tour that emphasize top quality riding instruction on Icelandic competition horses, along with excursions in Skagafjördur, both with and without horses. 

Þórarinn Eymundsson (Tóti) will be giving the riding lessons on these tours, with Elvar Einarsson of Syðra-Skörðugil assisting him.  Tóti is one of Iceland's very best riding instructors, and has for many years been in the first ranks of our riding teacher s and Icelandic horse trainers.

On these tours, you will stay in fully furnished rooms in the comfortable Syðra-Skörðugil guesthouse, with all food an drink provided.  Our emphasis is on serving locally produced Icelandic specialities.

Along with daily indoor riding lessons, you will enjoy short trail rides on the Syðra-Skörðugil farm, where you can get to know the hardy Icelandic horse in its natural winter surroundings.  If weather permits, we will even go riding on the ice.


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Included in the cost of each tour is lodging in the beautiful guesthouse at Syðra-Skörðugil, where all accommodations are first-class.  Your room is provided with warm bedding and towels, while outside on the deck, in view of the mountains and the Norther Lights, is an excellent hot-tub, where you can relax and let the tensions of the day slip away.  And while the house has a small kitchen you are welcome to use, all meals will be provided - and we´re not sparing with the food and drink ! You can expect luxurious two- or three-course dinners with almost all the ingredients sourced straight from the farm.

The stables at Syðra-Skörðugil are newly renovated and just a short walk from the guesthouse.  We have a wide selection of top-quality competition horses and fine pleasure horses for you to try out while you are staying with us.

For these tours, we are in partnership with Þórarinn Eymundsson (Tóti), one of the best competition riders in Iceland and an extremely sought-after riding instructor.  Tóti will be your chief riding instructor while you are staying with us. All your riding lessons will be taught in the beautiful indoor riding arena in the nearby town of Sauðárkrókur.  All of the lessons will be on top-quality show horses, many fo which have received high scores in competitions here in Iceland.

Along with all of this, we will be taking you on short riding tours on and around Syðra-Skörðugil farm, so that you can get to know the Icelandic horse in its natural winter surroundings.  We are hoping the weather will allow us to let you try out riding on the ice !  In the short time each day that you will not be on horseback, we will take you on sightseeing trips in Skagafjörður.  We will visit, for example, the Museum fo the Icelandic Horse at Holar University, and will take a dip in the famous geothermally heated swimming pool at Hofsós, which overlooks the ocean.  Each day will bring a new adventure

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    Duration 5 days
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    Departure dates Mar 13 2019 Mar 11 2020
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    1790 EUR

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    Tour operator Elvar and Fjóla {texti}
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