Riding Workshop

A perfect event to learn to master the riding of the Icelandic horse.


About Riding Workshop

A perfect event to learn to master the riding of the Icelandic horse.

Our tours are a great way for you to hone your riding skills.  On a typical tour you will ride many different horses, all with their own strengths and weaknesses.  Soon you will be able to quickly read the horse and ride it in a way that is enjoyable for both the horse and the rider.   It is a great experience to be in total connection with your horse while riding through the pristine landscape of the Icelandic mountains and feeling that the horse is improving every time you ride it is total blizz.

But we decided to offer something that takes this one step further.  Our intense 4 day workshop will be led by two experienced riding instructors. The workshop will focus on riding the 5 gaits of the Icelandic horse correctly, dealing with gait anomalities like pacey tölt, uneven tölt. We go through exercises to deal with misstrength, stiffness and tension and work on how to establish a cooperative and trusting relationship between the rider and the horse.

You will be assigned 2 horses to work with. Each day the participants will get a private training session where any issues that the horse or rider and having will be dealth with in detail.   We end the day with a 2 hour trail ride where we reinforce our progress with the horses.

Three course meal and good time at night!

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    Duration 5 days
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    Departure dates Jun 19 2017
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    € 1.550

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    Tour operator Bjarni Páll and Elsa {texti}
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