Flateyjardalur special tour

the hidden paradise of Flateyjarpeninsula north Iceland


About Saltvík Special 2020 “Flateyjardalur”

This Saltvík Special tour takes us to our promised land of Flateyjardalur . The valley was from the settlements and in to the 19th century inhabitated and there are many historical remains and nature phenomenons sited along the quiet rivers of the valley running along all the way to the arctic ocean at the north coast of Iceland. . One of our famous vikings  "Finnbogi Rammi" was born in the valley  in the  11th century and there are many places  carrying the saga´s of our forefathers through the ages.   The valley is now a stunningly quiet  and extremely beutiful  with high mountains on both sides, rich vegetation in the bottom and stunning view along the excellent riding trails leading our way through the mountains . We enter the valley through the high mountain passing at "Gönguskörð" a secret passing travelled only by courageous travellers of the past.  After spending day´s and nights during our explorations in the valley we use the last day´s riding the soft tolting trails of the countryside until we arrive back home to Saltvík where we spend tha last 2 nights. 

Old riding friends that have been with us on our regular tours have priority in booking this tour as we also aim to challenge our riding and explore trails  not much travelled by horses so it´s important for participants to have experience in varoious situations and possibly rather robust ccommodations at times:)

Saltvík – Aðalból 25 km 4-5 hours

We ride from Saltvík farm across the heathlands of Hvammsheiði and cross river Laxá  just before our destination of Aðalból . Small farm where we leave the horses and drive back home to Saltvík for the first night. Hot pools waiting and nice dinner at Saltvík farm. Accomodation in made up beds at Saltvík farm

Aðalból – Heiðarhús 50 km 8-9 hours

This is the longest and thoughest day of the journey when we ride up to the mountian passing of Gönguskörd, The trail is quite steep and challenging  so we ride slowly through the passage until we get to the other side where the paradise valley „Flateyjardalur“ awaits. We ride down the valley with high snowy mountains on both sides until we come to a small mountain cottage „Heiðarhús located at the middel of the valley with peaceful and beutiful scenary all around .   We stay over night in the small cottage ( sleeping bags)

Heiðarhús – Hof 20 km. 3-4 hours

Today we ride to the shore of the Atlantic ocean at the end of the valley. Great trails and magnificent surroundings when the valley opens up down by the sea.  We stay the next 2 nights at a very nice private cabin near the sea. Our tradition is to take bath in the arctic sea in the afternoon followed by  a bonfire and singing party as long as anyone lasts!

Hof – Flateyjardalur 25 km 5-6 hours

We  spend the day exploring the valley, visiting some abandoned farms and ruins of the past. One of the greatest hero´s of our Saga´s Finnbogi Rammi was born at the farm Knarrarnes near the sea in early  11th century, there are several places  around still keeping names referring to battles and quarrels of the nordic settlers mainly arriving from Norway at the age of settlements.

Hof – Heiðarhús 30 km 5-6 hours

Today  we start our way back up the valley. We leave our horses behind at the other end of the valley and get a lift with our luggage van  back to Heiðarhús mountain cabin where we spend the night.

Heiðarhús – Sörlastaðir 45 km. 7-8 hours

 We ride in to another valley called Fnjóskadalur through the forrest Vaglaskógur until we come to the abandoned farm Sörlastaðir where we stay over night .  Nice trails along the river Fnjóská and riding through the Birchforrest Vaglaskógur will be a nice experience this day.

Sörlastaðir – Eyjardalsá 30km. 5-6 hours

We follow an old trail connecting the 2 valleys of Fnjóskadalur and Bárðardalur to the Farm Eyjardalsá  where we leave the horses and drive home to Saltvík and the hot pools for overnight stay.  

Eyjardalsá – Aðalból 35 km. 5-6 hours

Great riding trails along the River Skjálfandafljót crossing the river at a bridge near Goðafoss and then along lake Vestmannsvatn to Aðalból where we leave the horses and drive home to Saltvík for the last night and farewell dinner.

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    Duration 10 days
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    Departure dates Sep 01 2020
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    3150 euros 

    3510 USD

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    Tour operator Saltvík Family {texti}
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