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    6 days


    7 days (6 riding days)

    210 km.

    Intermediate to advanced riders


    2490 euros 

    2050 GBP

    2890 USD

    • Jun 15 - Jun 21 2020
    • Jun 22 - Jun 28 2020
    Tour operator
    Bjarni Páll and Elsa

Towards the Midnight Sun

Bright summer nights at the edge of the Arctic.

The North-East part of Iceland is often referred to as the "Edge of the Arctic“ with the arctic circle just outside the shores.  During a two-week period around the 21st of June, the sun stays up all night and it´s an unforgettable experience to watch the colourful and quiet contrasts of light and water when the blood-red sun hovers over the glittering ocean in the night.

Our ride takes us along the coastline of north Iceland we ride past  isolated farms  and along the  huge  Jökulsá river coming all the way from Vatnajökull glacier.  Our trails also takes us through the highland plateaus of Melrakkaslétta and Reykjaheiði where the view is breathtaking and our only company are a few happy birds and sheep wandering around in the heathlands. We will visit Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe and the National Park of Jökulsárgljúfur, with Ásbyrgi the hoof-shaped canyon as a highlight.  In the sagas it´s said to be the footstep of Sleipnir, the eight-legged stallion of Óðinn, King of Valhalla ( Norse mythology)

Accomodations are at nice holdayfarms ( Saltvík and Klifshagi) and at the “River” guesthouse in double rooms.

Photos from Towards the Midnight Sun

Day by day

Upon arrival  at Keflavík airport it is easy to use the Flybus service to a hotel or guesthouse of your own choice in Reykjavík for the first night. If needed, we can help with booking a room before and/or after the tour.


Day 1.   Saltvík – Reykjaheiði   ( 20 km)

In the morning meeting at the  Eagle Air airport in Reykjavík for a direct flight to Húsavík ( Flight Reykjavik-Húsavík - Reykjavík is included in tourprice).

Saltvík farm where we start the ride is located 5 min. drive  from the Húsavík airport and someone from the farm will be  at the airport for picking up the group.

After an introduction to the staff and horses there is a short briefing about riding the Icelandic horses on trails before  we head up to the highlands. We ride over the Reykjaheiði heath and through ancient lavafields and moorlands until we arrive at our destination at  Sæluhúsmúli , Our final destination of the day is located right at the center of the atlantic ridge going through Iceland wich is streched and pulled by the two continental plates of europe and asia. Cracks and fissures in the lavafields make the surroundings spectacular and mystic and are a good excample of the powers of nature working constantly day and night on this little volcanic island. 

Day 2.  Sæluhús  – Þórseyri farm   (35  km)

On the second day we ride from  from the heathlands all the way down to the shores of Öxarfjörður. We follow great riding trails throught the heathlands of Bláskógar ( blueforrests) and  down to the farmlands in the north east following the mighty Jökulsá river to our destination at Þórseyri farm which is located only a few kilometers from the coast of the arctic sea north of Iceland. We drive back to Saltvík farm for overnight stay where it will be well deserved to enjoy the hot pools after two day´s in the highlands!


Day 3.  Þórseyri – Klifshagi farm (30 km)

We ride the sandy river banks of the Jökulsá river up to the national park of Ásbyrgi Canions the hoof-shaped canyons told to be a footstep of Sleipnir the eight-legged horse of Odinn highest in rank  of the old nordic gods!  We cross the river on a bridge and enter the highly vegetated area of Öxarfjörður with birchforrests and green fields of one of the best sheep farming  territories in Iceland. We end the day  and stay the next 2 nights at the farm Klifshagi where we have a fantastic view out to the arctic bay of Öxarfjörður and hopefully enjoy a clear sky in the evening for living the nights of the midnight sun to the limits.

Day 4. Klifshagi - Klifshagi ( 30 km )  Öxarfjörður is one of the best kept nature secrets in Iceland. Rich vegetation, mighty volcanoes and Iceland´s biggest River Jökulsá á Fjöllum make the scenary breathtaking, We  ride up in the heathlands, down along the river and follow  nice riding trails across  wodlands and laong riverbanks while enjoying the fantastic  view over the Arctic sea north of Iceland . We come back to our base at Klifshagi farm in the evening for another night at the edge of the arctic.

Day 5. Klifshagi – Ásbyrgi   (25 km.)

Today is an easy ride when we head back home towards  Saltvík farm . We ride to the Canions of Ásbyrgi where we leave the horses and enjoy a sightseeing bus tour in to the national park  of Jökulsárgljúfur  with the highlight of visiting Dettifoss ( the most powerful Waterfall in Europe) We spend the night at a nearby guesthouse called “River” guesthouse. Located at the banks of Litla á  ( little river) for brave riders a cold bath in the river is a traditional part  for ending the day J

Day 6. Ásbyrgi – Saltvík ( 50  km) 

Our last day is as well the longest day of the ride.  We follow the ancient trail of Bláskógar used through the centuries by lonely travellers on foot or riding.we cross the boundaries of the tectonic plates of America and Eurasia which glue Iceland together from the southwestcoast to the northeast coast. Huge driftwalls of lava show the enormous powers of creations when the plates slowly pull each other apart.  As the day proceeds the tempo of the ride rises as our horses get the “smell of home “ when getting closer to Saltvík farm. The last hour of the ride is offering a magnificent view over the bay of Skjálfandi and the high mountains across the sea, In the evening we have our farewell dinner  at Saltvík farm celebrating the journey with hopefylly some good stories from the last day´s adventure !

Day 7.  Húsavík – Reykjavík 

In the morning bustour back to Reykjavík after saying good bye to staff and horses at Saltvík farm. Estimated arrival in Reykjavík at 15.00 pm.

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Ride with Saltvík Team

Thank you so much for an amazing experience! i expected great things, but you guys and the horses, company, food, everything completely blew me away! FANTASTIC:) - KELLY from California

Thank you Bjarni, Elsa and the whole crew and family for forfilling my dream ..Icelandic nature, beautiful horses and great time! - Linda thank you for the best riding tour ever and we have never been so happy - Sami og Heidi

Many thanks for beautiful and powerfull horse...i'm gonna miss them - Tina

The best and most luxurious riding week in my life - hot pools, good food, wonderful landscape and very nice staff... - Thula

thanks for a fantastic five days and for a wonderful first experience of Icelandic horses - paul and gloria

There's only one thing left to say, THANK YOU - Sara L

Thank you the team for looking after us and thanks Elsa for the nice food. I will sure be back..- Anna 


Saltvík team !

Since 2009 I have been doing 4 fantastic long riding Tours with the great Saltvik Team.
We have been riding in the beautiful nature in the North of Iceland
We have seen breathtaking mountains and valleys,uniqe lava fields, crossed many many different rivers and creaks,and have had so many different fantastic experiences, that it is impossible to name them all.
Everything is so well organized.
Bjarni always finds the perfect horse for any rider for every stage, so you are always feeling so comfortable and safe on your horse.
Elsa and the staff provide you with fantastic food and everything else you want.
The herd of approx. 100 wonderful and clever horses follow you all the way.
On all Tours you meet a lot of different riding friends from all over the world, who are coming back again and again.
If you have been riding with the Saltvik Team once, you always want to come back for another tour.
The best riding team in the world.!
Anne Marie Jørgensen

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If you are interested in joining this tour, please enter the following information about you and your group and we will be in contact with you shortly to discuss the tour and arrangement. Please note that submitting this form is not a binding commitment on your behalf. You can make the final decision after we have answered all your questions and you are confident that this is the tour for you.