Dream tour part V

Trails of the Vikings !


About Trail of Vikings - Dream Tour Part V

This part of the Dream Tour starts at Spágilsstaðir near Búðardalur at the West coast of Iceland. We ride through Haukadalsskarð to Hrutafjörður at the north coast across the heathlands of Miðfjörður and along rivers and valleys of the northwest to lake Hope where we ride the amazing sand"beaches" of Þingeyrarsandur to Blöndudalur and across the hillsidese between The valley Svartárdalur and green fields of the farmlands in Skagafjörður close to the middle of the Northern coastline of Iceland. The tour is a 6 day adventure  where riders experience  the nice riding tracks through the farmlands and heathlands of the area following trails known from the age of the vikings when the settlers and theyr ancistors in early centuries of settlements travelled farm to farm  with good or bad businesses in mind ! We stay over night on holiday farms  in the area and the plan is to do a few sightseeing trips in the evenings visiting some interesting places like the rock formations "Hvítserkur" at Vatnsnes and Borgarvirki an ancient stronghold. 

Spágilsstaðir - Leikskálar 35 km

We ride along the westcoast up to Haukadalsskarð wich is a passing from the westpart of  Iceland towards the north used through centuries by travellers.

Stay over night at a small guesthouse near the Passing. 

Leikskálar - Brekkulækur 35 km.

We ride through the passing at Haukadalsskarð to Hrútafjörður and across the hilldsides of Hrútafjarðarháls to Miðfjörður where on of Ielands most famous Salmon rivers Miðfjarðara runs through the valley . We stay over night at Brekkulækur Holiday farm. 

Brekkulækur - Vestur Hóp. 30 km.

We ride from Brekkulækur farm along soft river banks of Miðfjarðará towards the coastline of the north and end our ride at a farm near lake Hóp , one of the near the lake Hóp, a big lake with shallow waters possible to ride through !  Overnigt at Brekkulækur holiday farm.  

Lake Hóp - Blöndudalur 30 km.

 We cross the lake Hóp  and follow gret trails of  Þingeyrarsandur , soft and sandy beach like trails towards Blöndudalur valley where we leave the horses at a farm. Close by is our guesthouse for the night. 

Blöndudalur - Bólsstaðarhlíð 30 km.

We keep on riding through the valleys of green farmlands wich many are horse farms with huge herds of horses. This area is known as one of the best areas for horsesfarming due to rather mild climate on an Icelandic scale, witl little snow in the winter and huge fields of grasslands. 

Bólsstaðarhlíð - Skagafjörður 35 km.

We  ride up the valley Svartárdalur and across the hillside to Skagafjörður. Great view will await us up in  highlands before riding down to the green fields of Skagafjörður. 

We end our ride at Brekkukot near the little village Varmahlið . We stay overnight at a  Bakkaflöt guesthouse with hot pools  aside for relaxing and  chatting about our adventure before our final dinner and farewell party following as usual smile 

Skagafjörður - Reykjavík 3 hours busdrive

After a good breakfast at Bakkaflöt  we drive with our small bus to Reykjavík . Estimated arrival in Reykjavík 14.00 pm

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    Duration 6 days
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    Departure dates Aug 27 2021
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    2290 euros

    2490 USD

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    Tour operator Saltvík Family {texti}
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