Beaches of the West

Dream tour III


About Valleys and beaches of the west - Dream Tour Part III

On the 6 day long part 3 of our Dream tour we visit the western part of Iceland and ride across the Snæfellsnes Peninsula with the magical Snæfellsjökull Glacier in sight.  We ride along the faboulus beaches of Löngufjörur wich is a must do riding action for all those looking for  a very special experience on our rides. Endless beaches with soft touches for the legs of our horses making them extra happy running full speed tolt across the sands !  We ride along the coastline of Skógarströnd towards the little village of Búðardalur where the journey ends. This tour includes different riding experiences and landscapes from the  green valleys of Borgarfjörður to the golden beaches of Löngufjörur and the coastline riding enjoying the view from  the western seasides.

Heggsstaðir - Grímsstaðir 20 km.

 We start the third part of our Dream Tour from the Farm Heggsstaðir in Borgarfjörður. We ride some country roads to river Hvítá and cross the river on an old bridge near Ferjubakki and then along river Langá to Grímsstaðir farm close to the western coastline. We levae the horses at Grímsstaðir and tak our bus to Snorrastaðir holday farm wnere  spend the first night. 

Grímsstaðir - Snorrastaðir 35 km.

We ride from Grímsstaðir farm following old riding trails along lavafields and riverbanks to the seaside where the beaches of Löngufjörur await us !

We ride along the beach towards Hítarnes where we take solid ground again. We have to organise or schedule this day according to higtides to get the most out of the gret experience of riding full force tolt on endless sandy beaches of Löngufjörur ( Long Beaches) We end our ride at Snorrastaðir faram where we spend another night.

Snorrastaðir - Litla Hraun - Snorrastaðir 20 - 25 km.

 We spend this day riding along the beaches again . this time with a single horse as we will leave the herd  resting at Snorrastaðir where we spend one more night. This day we simplu enjoy  the time with our selected horses for a day like this. Tölting along white beaches , taking long good breaks inbetween and enjoying the beutiful nature  of the   Snæfellsnes peninsula.  Just before closing the circle of our dayride on the beaches we ride across small lavafield where Eagles are sometimes nesting. 

The west coast and Westfjords are the only areas in Iceland where the great  White tailed Eagle is nesting and living. The White tailed Eagle is the largest bird living in Iceland with 2-5 m wing to Wing diameter. IT will be a nice bonus to this wonderful day if we see one or two of those kings of the sky at the westlands. 

Snorrastaðir - Hítarvatn 30 km

We  say good bye to the great beaches and head to the Snæfellsnes peninsula  aside mountain Fagraskógarfjall across the river Hítará along the valley Hítardalur to the lake Hítarvatn !

Great trails across the peninsula  coming to places well known from "Sturlunga saga" some of the legendary persons from the saga age lived in the area and ww will for sure tell some stories to bring the back to life !

Horse will be left in a field by the lake Hítarvatn and we Stay another night at Snorrastaðir. 

Hítarvatn - Blönduhlíð 35 km

We ride an old trail called "Svínbjúgur" in to the valleys of the west crossing Burstadalur and the passing of Hólsskarð to Blönduhlíð  

Blönduhlíð - Spágilsstaðir 30 km.

The last day of our journey of part III we we ride again down to the seaside and beaches of the west and ride to Spágilsstaðir farm where we end our trip 

Overnight at a nice Holiday farm near the little village Búðardalur.  

Búðardalur - Reykjavík 2 hours busdrive

After breakfast we take our little bus and drive to Reykjavík . Estimated arrival at BSI Busstation 14.00 

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    Duration 6 day´s days
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    Departure dates Aug 03 2021
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    Tour operator Saltvík Family {texti}
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