WILD WESTFJORDS - Dream Tour part IV


About Wild Westfjords - Dream Tour part IV

12 days of an unforgettable adventure with Riding Iceland Dream Team !   We ride from Búðardalur in WestIceland towards the center of the Westfjords at Ísafjarðardjúp, we cross Drangajökull Glacier on our way to the most robust area of Iceland "Strandir"  One of the places we visit is only accessible by foot, horses or boat. There we ill get our luggage and supplies transported by boat to our destination at Gjögur. We ride along the northern side of the westfjords visiting Norðurfjörður and  Djúpavik then we cross the western highlands towards Gilsfjörður and close the circle at Buðardalur after 12 day´s of adventurous ride. Accomodation is from tents and simple mountain huts to nice countryside hotels in between.  The Strandir area are well known for much geothermal activity and on many places on our trail we have to luxury of isolated geothermal pools in out in the nowhere after every day´s ride ! 

Búðardalur - Mikligarður 35km

 Meeting point for the group is at BSI busstation in Reykjavík where we meet up with or fellow riders and guides and head with a small bus to Budardalur in the western part of Iceland where our horses await after 3 day´s rest on the big Dream tour journey. We ride along the beach of the west , through the valley Sælingsdalur towards Mikligarður where we end the first day. We stay overnigtha t a nearby holiday farm. 

Mikligarður - Klukkufell 45 km

We ride from Mikligarður towards the westfjords first deep fjord "Gilsfjörður" We ride by the farm Staðarhóll where the writer and storyteller Sturla Þórðarson  lived and is believed to be the author of "Sturlunga" wich tells the story of Icelandic civil war in the 12th century. We end our ride at Klukkufell and spend another night on a nearby hlday farm. 

Klukkufell - Kirkjuból 50 km

 Now we strt climbing the mountains of the Westfjords by riding and partly hiking with our horses up the steepest parts of Þorskafjarðarheiði. We follow the old "posttrail" acorss the mountain down to Langidalur and leave our horses at Kirkjuból . Overnigt at Hotel Reykjanes nearby. 

Kirkjuból - Melgraseyri 30km

 Easy day after the long ride acorss the mountains where we ride to the roots of Drangajökull glacier where we leave our horses for the noght resting for the adventourus day waiting at the footsteps of the glacier. 

Melgraseyri - Drangar 50 km

We start the day by riding slowly towards the roots of Drangajökull glacier. guided by a local farmer we cross the glacier carefully following an unvisible trail used through the century´s we ride down on the west side to the no man´s land of Drangavík . supplies and  tents will be transported by boat to our destination at Drangar . We camp for thenight at this remote place and enjoy the nature at i´ts best. 

Drangar - Melar 40 km.

We ride along the seaside  enjoying the view across the Hunaflói bay .

Melar Trékyllisvík

Resting day ... We rest our horses  and relax at this outbond little bay of Trékyllisvík ,  

visit to Krossaneslaug an outside geothermal pool at the seaside  wil be a well deserved part of regenarating riders after the past day´s rides ... 

Melar - Kjós 20km

Today we ride to Djúpavík, abandoned village wich in the early 20th century was a base of herring fishing. Abandoned factory and ruins from past population give this place an adventurous feeling and the little hotel we stay for the night is a well deserved luxury accomodation for the group!

Kjós - Bólstaður 30 km.

We ride towards Hólmavík , The only village at the northern part of the westfjords . Next 2 nights we stay at nice guesthouse in the village 

Bólstaður - Víðidalsá 20 km

Short day riding along the coastline near Hólmavík. We leave the horses at the farm Víðidalsá and stay another night at our guesthouse in Hólmavík. 

Víðidalsá - Snartartunga 35 km.

We ride on to Kollafjörður bay along the coastline and towards Snartartunga farm in Bitrufjörður. 

Snartartunga - Spágilsstaðir 35 km

. We ride across Gaffelsheiði highlands of the westand down to Spágilsstaðir farm where we end our journey .

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    Duration 12 days
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    Departure dates Aug 12 2021
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    Tour operator Saltvík Family {texti}
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